big cage

  1. johncjb

    Cage for Baby Rudis Chams?

    Would it be alright if I kept a group of Rudis Chams in a 2'x2'x4' screen cage, or would they not get along? According to the new chameleon handbook, they can be kept in small groups, as they are more social than other chams. And when they arrive, they will be only 2"-3". Is the cage too...
  2. chameleonneeds

    Check this cage idea.

    Hey all, I am running out of space for my chams but not that I need to get rid of them. So my dad and I thought of the idea to build a huge outdoor cage that you can walk through, but this cage would be the chams permanent home. But the weather is quite cold here and sometimes below 0 C...
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