1. ChamAllen

    Sam Saying Good Morning

    Every since Sam (formerly Osama) won first place in the Petco most beautiful reptile contest he's been impossible to deal with. Just look at his swelled head. Not to mention this is how he greets me every morning when I turn on his heat lamp and prepare his breakfast! How rude. He even...
  2. Zajlol

    my little guy is a year old! :) (pic heavy)

    time fly's when your having fun. lol hes now a year old today, and im so happy with him. his sire is sunfire from kammers. here are some pics i just took today...
  3. Three Tones!!!

    Three Tones!!!

  4. Rango 2014

    Rango 2014

    Rango chilling
  5. Chameleontb83's Panther Cham Crayon 1

    Chameleontb83's Panther Cham Crayon 1

    Another one of my buddies, Crayon. He's wonderful, very calm and gentle natured. He has such a beautiful spectrum of colors!
  6. Chameleontb83's Veiled Cham Pallo 1

    Chameleontb83's Veiled Cham Pallo 1

    Here's one of my sire Veileds, Pallo. I love him, he's so gentle and calm, and loves to be held. He never even gets stressed!
  7. Wonderful Home

    Wonderful Home

    Colorful home
  8. Great Colors For Age

    Great Colors For Age

    My 8 month old male showing his big boy colors.
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