1. ReptiGeek

    My New Chameleons!

    Picked up two juvenile bearded pygmy chameleons today, which I believe to both be female (unsure about one). I also have an additional two that I will be picking up on saturday. They are older (adults) but will be housed together since the size difference won't be too great. That pair will be a...
  2. Cherron

    Surprise Baby! I need advice, please.

    Last January, I purchased 3 baby bearded pygmie chameleons. I had 2 females and one male. One of the females died the day after I received them. The male unfortunately died just a few months later. So, I have had this little girl pygmie all by herself for about 14 months. Today, I mist her...
  3. Chardonnay And The Custodians

    Chardonnay And The Custodians

    This is my female brev, Chardonnay, out for an early evening stroll. You can see her little friends the springtails (aka "The Custodians" around the stump at the bottom left.
  4. Male Pygmy

    Male Pygmy

    one of my male bearded pygmy's
  5. Ripple


    Ripple one of my female brev's chilling on a vine.
  6. Mighty-bit


    Male Bearded Pyg
  7. Baby Pygmys 1 Day Old!

    Baby Pygmys 1 Day Old!

  8. Licky


    Pics of Licky!
  9. Rieppeleon Brevicaudatus

    Rieppeleon Brevicaudatus

    Bearded Pygmy Chameleon
  10. Pygmy Chameleon 2

    Pygmy Chameleon 2

    Bearded Pygmy Chameleon
  11. Pygmy Chamelon 1

    Pygmy Chamelon 1

    Bearded Pygmy Chameleon
  12. What Are You?

    What Are You?

    Our cat 'Nilla saying whats up to the Beardies!
  13. Mork And Mindy

    Mork And Mindy

    Mork and Mindy the day we adopted them... Notice poor Mork's right eye... He lost it in a "clutch brawl" as a baby.
  14. Messy Baby

    Messy Baby

    A baby Bearded Pygmy Chameleon, with some soil died up and stuck to his head. Resembling quite like a rhino. Needless to say, the baby did not seem too enthused about this.
  15. The tribe's domain

    The tribe's domain

  16. The tribe

    The tribe

  17. New Arrivals

    New Arrivals

  18. Babys not happy...

    Babys not happy...

    Wants some food!
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