1. KatiLemons

    48 inch ballast question?? Need some input.

    I am wondering how many 2x2x4 cages will fit under a ballast that is hanging about 6+ inches from the tops. Obviously two but the higher I chain them up the more cages I could fit right? I would think that I could do 3 (at the most) but wanted to ask input to see what others have done? Thanks in...
  2. summoner12

    DIY T12 to T8 Ballast Change.

    For those of you with T12 fixtures and are finding it hard to locate T12 Zoo Med or Exo Terra UVB lamps..... This post is for you. The economics of buying a new T8 fixture from Lowe's for $13 vs. buying a T8 Ballast at Home Depot for about $20 is kind of simple. Why take the time to convert a...
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