1. Lathis

    TXTR-LITE panels - with photos

    A few people had asked me about the TXTR-LITE panels I had mentioned in other posts. I just bought new panels, and they arrived today, so I snapped a few photos. I am going to use these as backdrops for the giant enclosure I built...
  2. leet13

    My reptarium background *progress pics*

    So far this is what I have... about to go down there and work on it some more. I had a hard time carving the buddha head so i added clay to it to build up some spots. Those areas are in gray (it will dry white). oh yeah, it also has one layer of grout on it so far. I need to add some zip ties...
  3. A

    What do do with the background

    Here is my background. I wanted to know ur ideas. i was thinking of varnishing over it and putting some humus soil stuff to make it look natural. and it will help keep humidity up when completed also its for a chameleon Thanks
  4. ashleynagy

    Cork Background

    Has anyone had any experience with using cork as a background in their enclosure? I have just bought a 2x2x4 from LLL and am planning to cut a piece of plexiglass for the back wall ( to keep in a bit of humidity because of where I live it gets cold, and also to protect the wall from misting)...
  5. ilovechameleons

    Cool Computer Background

    Hello Everyone, I was just going through my archive of photos and came up with the idea of desktop calendars. It's just a hi-res photo with the current month's calendar. I figured it would make a cool computer background. I've posted them on my website and they are free to download. Here...
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