baby panthers

  1. BbyK4y

    Few week old Blue Bar Ambilobe Panthers!

    I recently got two unsexed baby blue bar ambilobe panther chameleons. I was hoping for a male thats how I ended up with two of them. I read how to sex them by the beginning of their tail but I just can't tell. I haven't had luck with a female chameleon in the past, she became egg bound and...
  2. G

    Sexing my Baby panther!!!! need to know

    I heard that you can sex your baby panthers by looking under the tail, but i dont know what to look for. Here are some pictures of my 2 month old baby
  3. Zajlol

    Kammer chameleon (Cortez)

    Hey every one I wanted to see if any one has a kammer chameleon from the sire Cortez if you do post a pic!!
  4. Dez

    Baby pics--- prepare to sat "AWE!!"

    So far I have had 6 out of 14 ambilobe eggs hatch since Monday the 6th. Here are some baby pictures Welcome to the World "Thats it, Im outta here!" Getting ready for bed Little baby puffed.. so funny "Lets dog pile!!!!" "she wants to take a picture of me!" "no me!" "Get off!" "Your...
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