1. Ty and his baby green anole 6/25/19

    Ty and his baby green anole 6/25/19

    It’s officially anole season in southeast Louisiana. Ty has been finding egg shells everywhere, I’d say this little guy is less than a month old. Brown anoles are steadily creeping in, won’t be too long before they wipe out our native greens population.
  2. B

    My Male Panther Chameleon Ate my Anole

    My anole escaped 2 days ago and todaY i saw my chameleon crunching on it and befor icould stop him, he ate him. I know chams eat some big stuff, i feed mine pinkies on occasion, i was just wondering if there is anything particular i should do or watch out for after he has eaten him PS. i cant...
  3. Bananam And Emerald

    Bananam And Emerald

    Not my names, just my lizards. RIP
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