1. 27DFB32E-10E4-4D7C-BE71-5A5B9AD2F041.jpeg


    Sam hangin out!
  2. Heart bar club

    Heart bar club

    Charlotte looking out for her Valentine's
  3. Lighter shade of green

    Lighter shade of green

    12 month female panther
  4. Is that a bird?! Oh no... just an airplane! :)

    Is that a bird?! Oh no... just an airplane! :)

    Our home is located at a high air traffic area and I noticed how every time Skittles sees an air plane he gets scared, hides, and stares right at it till it’s out of sight. I wasn’t sure why he would always do this, but it ocurred to me that maybe he thinks they’re birds! Silly Skittles :)
  5. P

    WC Red Bar Ambilobe

    This is our biggest Panther. He's also turning out to be pretty stunning.
  6. Otto Panther Chameleon

    Otto Panther Chameleon

  7. Amilobe Male

    Amilobe Male

    amilobe male
  8. Amilobe Female

    Amilobe Female

    female amilobe
  9. Amilobe Love

    Amilobe Love

    Male and female amilobe first introduced successs! male is from krammer
  10. Amilobe Male Panther

    Amilobe Male Panther

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