1. ReptiGeek

    Gizmo, my main man

    The boy who started it all!
  2. vindicatedornot

    mistking arrival/chameleon move

    Hello again, Got so more questions for ya. I bought my mistking monday the 20th. It said it'd be here in 12 days. It got here in 7! Thats front f'n canada to texas. I've had stuff coming from florida take longer, and thats just all messed up. But anyways, I'm going to be setting it up later...

    Poop quetion for Adult Male Panther

    Hello, I just recently got a male panther and he is very chill, and eats well, and loves to be sprayed in the mouth (so he drinks). Yesterday I smelled the worst (and only) chameleon crap I've ever smelled. It was horrible. Luckily he was outside. I took a picture of it before I cleaned it...
  4. Rocket! You Have To Admit He's Incredibly Handsome ...

    Rocket! You Have To Admit He's Incredibly Handsome ...

    Our first chameleon ever! He's stunning and full of personality (we're only on day 2!) You guys are awesome! Confusing and complicated for people who have never owned anything requiring basking light, UVB, gut loading, etc.
  5. Little Cutie

    Little Cutie

    Ursula having a drink
  6. Reptar


    Reptar is about a year old and very strong and healthy.
  7. Tommy


    Male veiled
  8. Enjoying The Sun!

    Enjoying The Sun!

    female veiled outside
  9. Amy


    Female veiled
  10. Pretty Girl!

    Pretty Girl!

    Female veiled chameleon
  11. Amy


    Female Veiled
  12. Flower Power!

    Flower Power!

    Male veiled in blossom
  13. Just Tommy

    Just Tommy

    Male veiled
  14. Peek-a-boo, I See You!

    Peek-a-boo, I See You!

    Male veiled
  15. Adult Female Velied

    Adult Female Velied

    2 years old Female Velied
  16. Let Me Sleep!

    Let Me Sleep!

    Mung did not enjoy being disturbed during his sleep by my flash [that is an umbrella plant or Schefflera actinophylla in the picture...on some lists it is listed as safe on many though it is listed as "toxic" due to oxalates...]
  17. Gettin' Some Zzzzs

    Gettin' Some Zzzzs

    This is my adult male veiled "Mung" sleeping outside at night...
  18. Baby and Beast!

    Baby and Beast!

    Size comparison of 1 day neonate and male adult veiled (14 months)...most of this extraordinary growth occurs during the first 6-9 months! [Don't try this near a hungry veiled! they will eat small reptiles and their own young if given the chance]
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