1. Chameleons Northwest

    Treating abscesses- great, detailed, step by step photo heavy, tutorial by KF

    Abscesses are not uncommon in certain chameleon species, and wild caught imports frequently arrive with them. Kristina Francis, of the Melleri Discovery website, created an excellent tutorial on treating abscesses. It is in a Mellers' foot but the same would apply to any cham species. I have...
  2. Grizzabella

    to treat or not to treat?

    my male veiled chameleon (about 1 1/2) has had what i believe is an abscess on his head (above his right nostril) for some time... I took him to my vet when i first noticed it and we tried lancing it and antibiotics, and it has diminished by about half its previous size since. My question is...
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