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    From 3 to 5 years
    Experience began in June, 2018

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    Captive Experience

    Never had any medical issues with this individual. As noted by others, the colder you keep them at night, the fewer medical issues you risk facing.

    This individual was bought from a chain pet store in subpar conditions. Under their care, he was given no nighttime drops and fed a primary diet of super/meal worms. He was also too young (under the three-month mark).

    As was common just a few years ago, I did all my misting during the days. With that said, he has never gotten a respiratory infection. However, I did switch to the naturalistic hydration method after about a year of keeping. I did give him cold nighttime temperature drops back then, so perhaps that mitigated some of the risks of hydrating during the day.

    He is most likely a CB individual bred from Hawaiian bloodlines. He seems to be bulletproof and has fairly straight horns that do not look brittle.
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