Motherlode Chameleon
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    1 - 5 years
    Experience began in March, 2021

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    3 years 6 months
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    1 years 6 months

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    Captive Experience

    My experience with Trioceros deremensis began in the mid 1990's when my brother Chris and I sold exotic insects to Ed Martinez for his Calummma parsonii parsonii and Trioceros deremensis breeding programs. Ed is the first to breed in the world captive breed Trioceros deremensis to my knowledge. I acquired a captive bred of Trioceros deremensis pair from The Responsible Herpteculturist in March of 2012. Charles and Carley arrived as 6 month old captive bred Trioceros deremensis. The pair split time living in my apartment in a 50/50 screen/glass enclosure and all screen enclosure at my apartment at UC Davis and my greenhouse at home on weekends. They had good appetites and lived well in my apartment at UC Davis and greenhouse at home. I never bred the two. Carley got sick and died early. While Charles lived much longer. I did not keep detailed notes about this pair. However from the information I have got I think Charles was 3.5 to 4 years old when he died. I think the species has the capacities to live much longer. This species was an honor to keep a healthy captive bred pair of in captivity. I hope to keep this species again.


    Best Regards
    Jeremy A. Rich
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