Motherlode Chameleon
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    Experience began in March, 1998

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    Captive Experience

    I acquired a young pair of Kinyongia xenorhina from John Uhern from Reptile Specialties in March of 1998. This wild caught pair was from the mountains of Uganda. I provided two well planted glass terrariums with a screen top to house each one of these two Kinyongia xenorhina. The 2 identical terrariums dimensions were 2 foot by 2 foot by 3 foot long. This species although while in a heavily planted terrariums is the most skittish species I have kept. They never seemed to stop nose rubbing the glass terrarium or trying to escape. My wild caught pair passed away after about 3 months. Anyone attempting to keep this species, my guidance would be to keep them in an extremely low exposure area with keepers/people and in a larger heavily planted montane glass terrarium with visual blinds. Photo is my photo of a male KInyongia xenorhina at Backwater Reptiles. Best Regards

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