Motherlode Chameleon
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Captive Experience Breeding Experience

  • Captive Experience
    From 10 to 20 years
    Experience began in December, 1994

    Total Specimens
    Oldest Male
    8 years 6 months
    Oldest Female
    3 years 4 months

    WC Specimens
    WC Gravid Females

    Captive Experience

    I have kept this species for a long time. I have done some breeding of Furcifer pardalis. However not as much as I would prefer mostly due to being at school and being preoccupied with my time. Babies hatched are not included in my total number of specimens kept count.
  • Breeding Experience
    From 1 to 3 years
    Breeding experience began in March, 1997

    Total Clutches

    Breeding Notes

    I hatched 3 clutches of Furcifer pardalis from a homemade incubator that was made with a old refrigerator with my brother Chris. This was during the mid 1990's. I had mating behavior however I did not live in one place long enough to concern myself with breeding much.
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