Motherlode Chameleon
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  • Captive Experience
    1 - 5 years
    Experience began in March, 1996

    Total Specimens
    Oldest Male
    10 years 4 months
    Oldest Female
    4 years

    WC Specimens
    WC Gravid Females

    Captive Experience

    I kept 1.1 and 2.0 Furcifer oustaleti of two locals. My 1.1 was kept inside the ranch house in the mid 1990's. The pair was kept in a large indoor 8 foot x 8 foot by 2 foot screen enclosure. This pair had huge appetites and ate everything from crickets, superworms, roaches, and small vertebrates. However did not drink often. They regularly showed breeding behavior. While my 2.0 from another local was kept in the greenhouse over a decade later. These two males were kept in 5 foot tall by 3 foot by 3 foot screen enclosures.
  • Breeding Experience
    1 - 5 years
    Breeding experience began in June, 1996

    Total Clutches

    Breeding Notes

    I observed mating behavior the summer of the acquisition of the Furcifer oustaleti pair. That fall I observed mating no eggs were produced.
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