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    Experience began in January, 2019

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    Male and Female Veiled chameleons, presumably from the same clutch. Both are kept in individual 2x2x4 bioactive enclosures, although the male is moving up to a 4x2x6 cage shortly. The female uses every inch of her enclosure and is far more active than the male, and I personally feel that females should also have a minimum 2x2x4' enclosure.

    The female active eats plant foliage but the male does not.

    Both are on a traditional supplementation schedule of calcium with every feeding, multivitamin 2x a month, and D3 2x a month. They are fed 3x a week and receive a combination of 5-7 insects depending on size and appetite. I always offer a least 2, if not 3 types of feeders at every feeding. The female is always hungry, so she is limited to a strict 5 feeders or less to prevent large clutches of eggs from developing. The male is particular about food, and will often choose to go without (despite food in his cage) for a few days. Despite him eating less, and a variety of insects, he seems to have picked up a little bit of weight... so I am careful to feed a bit less, but ensure they are quality food items.

    I keep the female at around 80 degrees basking, and the male around 85. The male had a suspected RI, but the vet found no evidence of such. Out of an abundance of caution, the vet prescribed an antibiotic and recommended that basking temps be raised. Doing so caused much more gaping, and a minor burn on the back scales, thankfully, without any lost scales or disfigurement. Basking temps were registering around 90 on the branch, and estimated to be around 95 at the top of his back at that point. I no longer allow temps to go above 88 and aim for a consistent 85 at the highest basking point, instead. No health issues to be reported with a year of maintaining this temperature. As the URI was ruled out, as well, I'd say it has actually been closer to 2 years at that temp w/o issue.

    Both Veileds get considerable time outside from late spring to early fall, and as such, D3 supplementation is cut back if not eliminated all together during that time. They have a T5 D3 bulb in the cage with an average of 3 UVI at the upper branches.

    Charlie, the male, is very "friendly" and docile with humans, but very territorial to other chams. So much as a glimpse of another cham in passing will trigger an impressive display and patrolling. Of course, he never is within physical reach of another cham, and only catches an occasional glimpse of them on his way to the free range. Clarice, the female, is typically aggressive to humans in general, unless it is time to eat... and she is always hungry.

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