Motherlode Chameleon
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  • Captive Experience
    From 1 to 3 years
    Experience began in March, 2020

    Total Specimens
    Oldest Male
    6 years 6 months
    Oldest Female
    3 years 6 months

    WC Specimens
    WC Gravid Females

    Captive Experience

    I acquired three wild caught adults from Reptile Pets Direct, two males and one female. One male died a couple days after arrival upon import. The other two a male (Walter) and female (Estelle) lived in my greenhouse for over a year. Walter died from complications due to shedding issues in my greenhouse more than a year later. He could have lived much longer. Estelle passed away due to a third retained clutch of eggs.


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  • Breeding Experience
    From 1 to 3 years

    Total Clutches

    Breeding Notes

    Estelle laid one fertile wild caught clutch that did not develop because they were removed from the laying container to late. Estelle's second clutch laid was infertile. Estelle died her laying bin while attempting to lay her third clutch of eggs.
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