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  10. xoiceox

    Sobe Update :)

    Yaaay <3 Ty!
  11. xoiceox

    Sobe Update :)

    My lil stud muffin <3 His face is redish bc he ate a strawberry lol
  12. xoiceox

    Wild Grasshoppers?

    How the heck do u breed grasshoppers??? lol
  13. xoiceox

    Wild Grasshoppers?

    Wow thanx for all the input guys... First of all, i have no idea how to breed grasshoppers lol or know male from female... I caught them in the middle of the woods. The cabin is 30-45 min from any city... Thanx for the advice about the hind legs, I didnt think of that.. ill try to take pix of...
  14. xoiceox

    Wild Grasshoppers?

    Hey guys! I was in Hawthorne Fl, this weekend and caught about 10 wild grasshoppers. Some are bright green and some are brown and look like wood... DO you know if these are safe to feed to a veiled chameleon?
  15. xoiceox

    Hey Guys! Update on SoBe

    So it's been a long while since I show u guys my handsome man! He'll be 2 yrs old on Christmas and he's doing great!!
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