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    awake vs asleep time

    Time to sleep? I haven't yet got my times of lighting down to a science but I have noticed in the past few days my Chameleon has been pretty good at telling me when he wants to sleep. He simply climbs up into his spot in the plant and looks up at the ceiliing waiting for the lights to go off...
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    Montreal reptile expo

    Great Wish I could go. I live over on the West Coast. Been to Montreal though the place is awesome. Have a great time.
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    Montreal reptile expo

    When? When is the expo?
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    new here

    I have a Flapjack The term flapneck caught my attention so I thought I would look it up. I have a Chameleo trioceros fuelleborni otherwise known as a FlapJack. It differs from yours in that she has three tiny little horns. The funny thing is both of them are from Tanzania originally. I...
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    Rufus lost

    Nice vid Way cool! Thanks. Nice enclosure as well.
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    what can I feed him other than crickets?

    Silkworms I recently tried the silkworm thing myself. I have one super silkworm who is hanging on and he is getting big the rest all 49 of them croaked. I have been reading about them and what kills them off pretty quick is bacteria and moisture and of course not feeding them enough. Or not...
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    Thanks I appreciate all the great replies. I have silkworms now just ordered them. Lots of care required but its fun. Luckily a friend of mine has a Mulberry tree. Pretty cool. Have to be careful with them though the tend to fall away from their feeding area and shrivel up and die. Lost a...
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    tongueless veiled

    Awesome! Thats really great. Good job.
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    Really odd behavior need help asap

    Cham looking around I've noticed mine looking up and almost studying the top of his enclosure. It look like to me he is trying to figure a way out. Something he has started doing also is trying to paw at the glass at the bottom of the aquaurium I see no harm in him doing it so I let him. I...
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    What type of Chameleon Do I have?

    Gravid I think that she actually might be in season or is gravid. I'm not totally convinced on the gravid part. I hope at least she is not gravid. She seems to be doing quite well today walking around, keeping high. I think she might be in season because I noticed her trying to paw her way...
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    My Cham takes naps?

    My cham napped too I left over the weekend last weekend and when I returned I found my cham during the day wanting to shut his eyes and sleep also. I found out it was the fact that I was leaving the light on at night. He is doing good now that I changed this very little thing. Hope that helps.
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    Chameleo trioceros fuelleborni

    Anybody have one of these? Mine is a female. Just wondering how many of these there are out there? Thanks
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    Red Flap on Wallflower Pics

    No pics Unable to download any of my new pics here. If anybody is interested they can email me and I will email them to you. [email protected] or maybe I'll give Wallflower her own Chamelon space on myspace. LOL
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    Colors on a Chameleon

    Colors? Do you happen to know what colors a pregneant female Chameleo trioceros fuelleborni or commonly known as a Flapjack has. I recently got her and have just today discovered what kind she was and the fact that she was probably wild caught. Thanks appreciate the feedback
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    What type of Chameleon Do I have?

    Pictures Here are some more pictures. I just finished misting her aquarium. I noticed her rubbing her head up against the plant and her eyeball kept moving in and out as if drying it. Should have got film of that but anyway here she is hanging by two feet. Seems relaxed and content for now...
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