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    Two mistking pumps

    I posted a classified last year, and Irresponsbily got busy and neglected to respond to potential buyers. If anyone is in that cateogory, I'm sorry… wont hapen this time I have two mistking pumps. One that I purchased with another cage setup(used) Another (brand new) which also has...
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    2x2x4' ScreenCage+Mistking+MORE!!!

    update Cage is sold. I have two mistking pumps. both work. make an offer if interested.
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    2x2x4' ScreenCage+Mistking+MORE!!!

    Custom full size cage w/ drainage system concealed in the base. over 70 dollars worth of ExoTerra vines, Reptaid, supplements, multiple lighting fixtures w/ new uvb bulbs, feeder tank, dripper, handheld mister, etc. I also have 2 mistking pumps, and 2 MistKing 'second' timers. One of...
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    were to buy online?

    chameleon nation --
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    Day after a big shed

    red and yellow body, with blue bars is my favorite ambilobe
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    Cage Location Help

    as others have said.. the light/ noise after "chameleon lights out" doesn't bother mine at all. I originally had plans to cover his enclosure each night to keep out ambient light, but it was not necessary.
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    My New Ambilobe

    Buying helps encourage and support those breeders that are caring for the Chams properly. Seems like rescues could be costly, depending on their needs.
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    My New Ambilobe

    i love my cham… but DUDE! this is the type of ambilobe that i always see on the forums, that belongs to someone like you… and I'm like… where does everyone get all the STUNNERS!
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    5-Picture Update on Kiwi and Breeding + ChamArt

    wow, the blues on the female!
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    Silkworms spoiled?

    thats what i do… i baptize them
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    Silkworms spoiled?

    No, thats not the rule. I just use my best judgement. If they are obviously active and plump, but are just brown from being kept in the cup… I wash them off and feed them.
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    Silkworms spoiled?

    I've noticed with the silk 'cups' it's especially important to keep up with cleaning out the poop. I even clean each silk worm if I notice them starting to turn brownish. As long as they are firm, and alive... Usually when my silks are unhealthy they look pretty bad
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    First time Vet visit- stress

    Ok thanks. Ill transport in a warm shoebox w/ towel. I think everything will be fine. Thanks again.
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    First time Vet visit- stress

    Yeah, you're right. when I bought him sandy let me borrow like a butterfly cage to transport him home in, but I have no idea where it is. If I could find it, that would probably be better.
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