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    Enclosure questions

    What species are you going to keep?
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    Toby Update pics!

    Wow! I bet you could spend HOURS just looking at him. What are their personalities like?
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    what kind of bug is this?

    Yes, that's what they turn into. Grimbold likes these as much as he does the Superworms.
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    Finally got some pics of my GRIMBOLD

    Yes, famous thanks to his son Boomer!
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    Finally got some pics of my GRIMBOLD

    Thanks SolidSnake - but he out did himself with his babies. Check out Carol's boy Boomer - Grimbold's son.
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    Finally got some pics of my GRIMBOLD

    When Grimbold's grandchildren arrive - please post pictures.
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    Finally got some pics of my GRIMBOLD

    Oh my goodness! I had no idea! He really did sire some amazing babies (just found out - Boomer for one!). Please anyone with pics of his prodigy.... Please Post! Yes, I feel very honored that the Kammer's trusted me enough to allow me to give him his forever home. WOW!!!!
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    New concerned owner.

    I agree, looks like he's going to shed. Extra misting helps the process. And yes, they hate it in the face. Make like a rain cloud and mist from above.
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    Introduction; we're new ambilobe panther parents

    Congratulations and welcome. I joined this forum as soon as I got my 2nd Panther (about 7 years ago). When I owned my first, this amazing site had not been created yet. In fact, home computers were just beginning to pop up and I didn't even own one yet. Yes I know, I'm old. I've learned...
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    Finally got some pics of my GRIMBOLD

    Yes he does look different! and he's still changing colors. When I took these pics he was about to shed so his colors weren't quite so brilliant. I'll try to post some pics of when he's fired up. He's three years old now. Carol, which of your babies? It's not Boomer is it? Would love to...
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    Finally got some pics of my GRIMBOLD

    Thanks again to the Kammer's for allowing me to give him his Forever Home. After I lost my sweet Gizmo at the age of 7 (euthanized after it was determined he was just too old to make it through surgery) from a prolapse... I called the Kammer's and they asked if I would be interested in one of...
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    Official Enclosure Picture Thread #2 - post your pics!

    Here's Grimbold's Free Range Finally got my USB Cable so thought I'd start by posting Grimbold's Free Range. The Potho's literally grow over my bed. Grimbold ALWAYS poops in the same spot (over the floor - not my bed), so I just keep paper towels down. That guy hasn't miss yet. I have two...
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    Help me!!!! New female i received has orange poop

    What is that with the mealworms? Looks like some of their "bran" flakes.
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    When you put him out in "direct sunlight", was their also adequate shade?
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    Best Left in Cage?

    Who was this?????
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