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    Do I have a male or female

    He look so tiny.
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    Outside plants

    where you located?
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    Will this fall?

    i had them like that, it will eventually just sretch your screen
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    Wtf my cham snatched my smoke out of my mouth

    Reason I quit Smoking is I once swallowed tobacco. Made me stomach sick for 2 months.
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    New cham!

    So for those yeah, just get some outside, rinse them with water, no soap or anything, then let them sun dry.
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    New cham!

    Welcome To Forums. Fill out this form So members can chime in and put you in the right path to a healthy and happy chameleon. Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - The species, sex, and age of your chameleon. How long has it been in your care? Handling - How often do you handle your chameleon...
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    Im going to tile too, Easier to maintenance... Eventually I wanna do excavator clay on his permanent set up.
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    Reliable and Good Online Breeders to Buy A Veiled Chameleon From

    Right under the Home Tab, Its says Whats New, Then Sponsors
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    Reliable and Good Online Breeders to Buy A Veiled Chameleon From

    Also, UndergroundReptiles Chams If I'm not mistaken are "Field Collected"
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    Reliable and Good Online Breeders to Buy A Veiled Chameleon From

    Try FLChams..... Beautiful Bloodlines, and also a Forum Sponsor
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    he really chumped that down.
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    New eggs

    So weight your perlite, and add same weight of water.... (So If you add 4 grams of perlite add 4 grams of water). Make only 2 holes on lid.. Aim for 80-100% humidity... 74-77 F for temp... That's what I use for crested gecko eggs, I doubt it will be too different. Still Don't take my word and...
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    Rescued a leo

    any of his toes nipped? I just rescued a pair of Leo, one of them is missing all His TOES!! I'm so happy for the little dood, He found a loving home.. If you need help or advice, even though I'm not an expert, I have rehabilitated over 10 Leos just this year.
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    That Lady is a Flipper.... She gets any Animal and tries to sell it for a ridiculous amount of money... When I rehomed My beardie to her, I alwasy ask Pictures of set up. If something is Missing, I wont give him up. She had Everything. I asked for a re homing fee of $80. She did The $80, a week...
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    Thanks, I tried to replicate the substrate to be as close as the Bio Dude Terra Sahara substrate. Plants don't last though. He is Godzilla!!!
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