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    Hard Decision

    So I got back into town today, and Uncle Sneaky was pretty much the same, nor worse or better than when I last saw him. I did noticed white urine with what seem with some dried solid poop with like wings. I misted his enclosure, and noticed most his plants were dead, I went to Home Depot...
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    What Size Cage

    What size Exo terra should I use for an adult Veiled? I've never used one and I want to give it a go
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    Any good reptile vets around Tempe, AZ?

    4984 E. 22nd Street, Tucson, AZ 85711 VCA Animal Hospital Dr. Thurberi....... I Probably Misspelled his name, but really really great reptile Vet. Their Website Has a $25 coupon for first visit. I know you in Tempe, but that 2 hour Drive is worth it IMO
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    Hard Decision

    I've Put a lot of thought to this, but it's for the better. I currently got a new job that requires me to be out of town for at least 5 days. I'm doing job required training in Phoenix, Training is 8 weeks. On my first 10 days out of home (I live with my Parents) I came back to All my plants...
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    What kind of beetle is this?

    Looks like a tasty treat.
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    Winter food for sticks, hoppers, etc

    Look Up Quercus fusiformis "Joan Lionetti" Its a cultivar created here at Civano Growers, Grows hella fast, grows beautifully and its an evergreen. We don't have seeds available as we propagate them using cuttings. the pic below is from one of our Mother trees here at the farm
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    Lily's *NEW* Bioactive Build!

    ohhhh I see.. Any cheap (home Depot) siphoning pump will work?
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    Lily's *NEW* Bioactive Build!

    Quick Question, How do you get rid of of the water at the bottom? should I just let it sit there? its not a lot, but how will that affect my roots?
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    Yes, I Know, More Plants!

    I like this Succulent Crassula capitella, Really cool to look at. Some Aloe Vera Maybe.. Starfish Flower Cactus... We have this Cool looking succulent at work, don't know the name of it, I'll snap a pic when i get the chance.
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    Starting dubia colony

    you would wanna keep them from inbreeding a lot. Try to introduce from different placesif you trust it
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    Starting dubia colony

    Hit Him UP @jamest0o0 Fair Price and good roaches
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    Anyone in Arizona

    let me try to contact a breeder here in Tucson to see if he has a clutch
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    New to this

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    New to this

    Take a pic of her back feet so we can sex her/him. (I'm Sure it's a she)
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    New to this

    Your Chameleon - The veiled, sex is unknown, I was told 6 weeks old and Neeko been in my care for 6 days now. Looks like a Female to me Handling - How often do you handle your chameleon? Everyday after work for a few minutes if he/she allows me to. Try To keep Handling to a minimum since there...
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