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    Baby Panther Tail Problem, tip turned black

    It eventually fell off
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    Fred showin off

    "Look Happy" is a relative term....Fred has acquired a taste for my thumb
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    Fred showin off

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    6 month female tongue issues

    Hello. I have raised her from an egg and recently noticed she is not extending her tongue, but rather creeping up on the crickets to eat. She gets Repashy lo-D on all prey items. T5 5.0 lighting. Misting system every hour for 45 seconds. Temps and humidity in acceptable range. Any thoughts...
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    Fred at 6 months

    Lots of thanks to all here for helping to raise this guy!
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    Incomplete shed

    He's a Kammer Baby. Here he is the day I got him in mid Nov
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    Incomplete shed

    Hatched 9/15 Thank you for the info
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    Incomplete shed

    Hatched 9/15 Thank you for the info
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    Incomplete shed

    Thank you. So how long should that half stay on him?
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    Incomplete shed

    Fred is 5 months old. Usually sheds in a 24 hour period every month. This time it was just his back half. It has been 3 days now. Humidity is correct, I have a misting unit. Is this something to worry about? Thank you in advance.
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    Panther locale question

    I do think you nailed it! Thank you
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    Panther locale question

    This stud is at a local shop and they do not have any info on him. Curious as to what locale you all may think he is. Thanks in advance.
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    Fred, just chillin and illin

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    What age do female panthers become receptive?

    No changes. She only puffed up when the "Monster" camera appeared. Thank you for your response, everyone here is always so helpful and kind.
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