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    Shedding baby gracilior

    Amazing shots, Janet! I agree, it's cool to walk in the room and see a full body she'd come on and go so quickly!
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    Chameleons not making good pets?!! What!?!

    @jajeanpierre that is exactly what I was talking about. Thanks for taking the tome to write that up, I knew my visits would be short nd quick today so I wouldn't be able to do that. @Matt Vanilla Gorilla i have seen a couple chams like yours but it's pretty rare. The other panthers I can think...
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    Beautiful Quad

    Panthers are very pretty, but over rated in my opinion. I'd rather look at Rostals, fins and horns anyday. He looks great!!
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    Chameleons not making good pets?!! What!?!

    Very much disagree but I see an argument coming that I won't have time to get into today. I'll leave this to someone else.
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    Chameleons not making good pets?!! What!?!

    Read the post by @jajeanpierre in this explains things very well. Can't get a link to work from my phone... go do a search for a thread called ug, or could someone help me out and post that link to this thread ?
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    Chameleons not making good pets?!! What!?!

    Absolutely incorrect. They do not like to be cuddled, and typically do not like to be handled. can you post some pictures of your chameleon being cuddled?
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    The Yellow-lip Parson's are starting to hatch...

    That is fantastic news and fantastic hatch rate. Wish you the very best with them. Curiousity question. With adult parsonii needing so much water and longer misting durations, are the neonates the same? Or what's the Schedule you've had them on?
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    Baby Calumma Globifer Video

    Globifers are freaking cool! Keep posting em!
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    Chameleons in general, are look but don't touch animals. Lots of them do not want to be handled and do not tolerate it. Since he already hand feeds, you could try coaxing him out and onto your arm, but if he's serious about not wanting to go out I wouldn't force him.
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    Genetics class log

    Deleting what I posted as to not start another riot and locked thread.. I'd delete the post completely but don't see an option for it.
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    Misting Times for Glass Terrarium?

    Is the only place you're reading the humidity over there by the heat lamp? If so, try getting a reading on the other side and the middle part of the cage. Your heat lamp will dry things up right underneath it.
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    Calumma Globifer

    Yep, agreed!
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    Whats the difference between t.q gracilior and t.q Quadricornis?

    Thanks jajeanpierre. That was a really good explanation and clears up most every question I've ever had.
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    Heat lamp

    You can just use a normal incandescent bulb you have at your house. Just make sure the wattage you use isn't to hot or cool (same thing you'd do anyway).
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    Please Post Your Cage Setup Here..

    Just looked, are both sticky posts In the enclosure forum, so right at the top :)
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