The gang:

Charlie is very calm, curious, and adventurous. He is quite friendly. He likes long walks to his tree, watching the sunset from his tree, and eating bugs from his tree. He is a great listener. Hates veggies. Finds snails repulsive.

Clarice is very shy and reserved. She was quite anxious when she first came home, but has settled in and come around. She has the fastest and furthest draw in town. She can shoot a cricket dead from 50 paces. Loves kale and especially loves when hornworms and silkworms explode all over the cage and her mother. Glorious.

Walter is a shy and gentle giant. He has difficulty with range, and so he prefers to ambush his food. It is not uncommon for him to close his eyes and jump off his front legs when shooting for especially yummy num nums. He is always surprised when he opens his eyes and realizes he missed. Feeders often ride on his back to humiliate him.

Donnie is a sweet and gentle guy. Likes to go for shoulder rides around the house. Wants to be a pirate's parrot when he grows up and learn to talk. He enjoys making the biggest mess possible when eating. Bonus points for wall splatters or flying bug parts.

Lola is hungry. LOLA IS HUNGRY.

Penelope (Penne) is the sweetest, gentlest, and shyest little spaz. She had a rough few months with keratin buildup in her eyes. After MANY high stress vet visits, she is back to her old self. No body messes with my Penne... or else.

Lucy has some esplainin' to do, but she says she doesn't need to esplain herself to anyone. A proud mama who traveled the Atlantic ocean from Kenya, to a little ol' town in Maryland.

Desi might be small, but he is fast! A very friendly and outgoing guy. Up in everybody's business. Works out 5x a week, and only eats organic bugs. Blue bugs are unnatural and vaccines cause superworms to turn into beetles.

Porchetta (Porky) is Lucy’s captive hatched daughter, and her spitting image. Porky, despite her name and ferocious appetite, was built for SPEED. Usain Bolt is her biggest fan, as he lost a race to her, twice.

Porcini (#3) is another of Lucy’s daughters, and Porky’s sister. She is a bit larger than Porky and a lot slower. She is very sweet and docile, with the prettiest flecks of purple on her cheeks. Asks permission for seconds and then asks if you are sure its ok.

Jack… imagine Jack Sparrow in chameleon form… especially his signature run. Like Capn Jack, Jack finds himself in precarious situations and not enough brain cells left to get him out of them. What he lacks in common sense he makes up for with good looks and horns. A shy, gentle boy who's facial expression always suggests “why me?”

Layla is quickly competing for the top spot, as heavy weight champion of the house. Weighing in at 179oz and still growing, she is def a contender. Layla takes life at her own pace… slow and steady, unless its breakfast! Her eyes show she is an old soul. Thinks holding hands is gross.
Baltimore, Maryland


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