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    New Baby

    Hi Guys since the sad lost of my last veiled i have a new baby chameleon:D i got him just last night and have named him leon.I travelled a long way to get him too.He's 2 months old and i was a bit suprised at how small he is.He is settling in nicely and is eating and looking extremely...
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    you could get a egg eater doesnt grow bigger than about 3-5ft and it only eats eggs one chicken egg a week about.
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    What Happened

    yes it was washed off properly
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    What Happened

    We cherish all our animals and if 1 of them dies then it's like 1 of the family have died.Why is it that too many dealers in pets see them as just a quick buck...Our lil fella was just a baby.:( we loved him to bits even though we had him for just a week.We dont have loads of money but we would...
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    What Happened

    We intend to take action against the pet shop owner if the results show anything sinister!
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    What Happened

    is there anything i need to do to preserve the chameleon for these tests?
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    What Happened

    Thank you for that he's a big man but a softie at heart and has been crying his eyes out over this.He's heart broken.We were thinking that the petshop where we bought him from may have sold him to us already sick :mad:
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    What Happened

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    What Happened

    No he wasnt choking i dont think...i only frd him waxworms and locusts.I am suprised at gow quickly it happened as i had just found my local exotic vet and could have taken him if there was enough time which there wasnt.I feel like i failed the little fella:( maybe i over-looked something.He was...
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    What Happened

    no he was eating fine by himself with no problems what so ever
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    What Happened

    :mad: Hey every one my cham just died i am so angry :mad: his eye was closed and it came right after we got some medicine for it and he was happy eating well climbing every where and then suddenly he just started shaking his head and started gasping and within 2 minutes from that happening he...
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    Hes gone

    Maybe you should try a leopard gecko?
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    Yet another closed eye question

    try beaphar eye & skin ointment anyone interested should visit
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    eyes closed?

    Hi,yes i am based in the uk.Try
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    Why Cant My Chameleon Open His Eye?

    Hey thanx guys my chameleon is sorted.I sprayed him and got some beaphar eye and skin ointment which worked instantly....:D
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