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    This one burst open from being too wet I honestly didn’t Know that it was a potential Till it happened and have taken steps to ensure it Dosnt happen again
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  6. Eggs


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    September clutch
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    September clutch 2
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    Do they look like there Hatching ?

    Yeah I was thinking the same but have Read other peoples Post about early Hatching a they are at 75.5f and And Very Few drops on the Side of the container The Rh of the containers is about 78%
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    Do they look like there Hatching ?

    So These Veild Eggs are Just a touch over 5 months in incubation I think this Is what people Say is sweating But not Haveing had any clutches Hatch Yet I am looking for Other opinions I have 2 boxes sweating it’s Now up to 15 /35 eggs sweating...
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    Fertile Eggs ?

    Thank you I was Fairly sure But never hurts to get A Second opinion
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    Fertile Eggs ?

    Hey my Vailed Female layed Eggs( 68 ) she was bred to a male This is my first clutch From any of my females So now we are 3 and a bit weeks in to incubation and The I candled 4 eggs This is what is See I’m hopping these little red rings are A good...
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