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    Just some new pics

    Thanks Jann! :-)
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    Just some new pics

    Hey everyone, I haven't been posted in a while. I thought I'd just share a few pics of my Nosy Be, Steve. He we a little wary in this photo because I had just misted his cage. ;-) He's doing pretty good, though still small for his age (about a year and a half). Enjoy! :-)
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    What do you think to much?

    Side comment: his colors are awesome! :-D
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    New to the club... Introducing "Pip"

    He's adorable. His colors are gorgeous. Good for you and best wishes. :-D
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    my new baby boy!

    Gorgeous! :)
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    She's so cute! :)
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    Meet Olive :D

    So cute! :)
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    Genesis out and about

    Awesome colors! :)
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    I proudly introduce...

    She's beautiful! :)
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    A very unique Ambilobe

    I love how it looks like he has almost a red outline around the white parts! So nice. :)
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    Lokis pj's

    He's so cute. :D I love a sleepin' chameleon. They're so sweet how they cling to the branches with their little tails all curled up. :)
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    Luigi Update

    He's so cute. :) Nice tongue shot! :D
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    My first panther cham " Muffins "

    He's so cute! :D
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    Wutchu lookin at?

    Wow; look at those blues! So pretty! :D
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