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    Silkworms eat dandelion leaves

    In an emergency, I have had success feeding hornworms on potato until I can get more horn chow. I wouldn't feed them to the chams on this, but in a pinch to keep them alive it has worked for me. Not a silk response, but in the same vein...
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    When I ordered from them, they were exactly on time to when they promised. In my case, 3 days. But I am sure it is going to depend on the situation with covid-19 and the impact on the major shippers. I use bsfl when I go on vacation, and they work perfectly. I make sure they are ready to hatch...
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    What is this?!?

    Yeah, probably right that it's springtails, but I am willing to help you be sure if you do get better pics. It may take me a bit though, I have to go out for some errands.
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    What is this?!?

    Really hard to make out any details from these pics, sorry. Could be some form of leafhopper, but I really need better pics before I would want to say with any hope of being close.
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    Is there a way to extend the larvae state of bsfl?

    As for the question of ordering from Calcigrubs, I have done it, and they gave me exactly what I asked for, in fact more than I ordered. I will continue to do business with them, for sure.
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    Cicadas has anyone ever fed them?

    The 17 yr variety that is due this year is somewhat smaller than the normal cicadas that we see in the midwest US. Those eyes though, very freaky looking!
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    Morality of breeding - What bugs should you feed most

    Sorry to say that I don't have a website for you. Most people who specialize in the pet trade tend to be very stingy in sharing of information, as they see it as a threat to their income stream. I even know many fish people who sell pairs or trios of a particular morph that only has a male from...
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    Morality of breeding - What bugs should you feed most

    I am a strong proponent of creativity and questioning, as I believe they are essential for the learning process. There is, of course, the nature of opinion to consider: If you ask 20 people the same question, you are likely to get 20 different answers. Also, on some topics there is the risk of...
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    Morality of breeding - What bugs should you feed most

    Almost every good line-breeding program I have ever used or seen will go back to the wild type at some point, usually on a repeating set schedule every X number of generations, to strengthen the line and eliminate unwanted mutations. In fish, we always worked on physical form issues first, then...
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    Morality of breeding - What bugs should you feed most

    One advantage, at least IMO (and isn't this a thread about opinion?), to the morph situation is that if extreme morphs feed the pet demand and trade, then I can see an argument for that protecting wild populations. If there is a hypothetical great demand for neon blue whateverthehells, and that...
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    Hatched my first Cham!

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    does anyone have panthers for sale?

    Sorry, my current batch is too young and won't be ready for another couple of months. That and eggs is pretty much all I have going on at the moment. Thanks for the hit though, Reptofreak.
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    Where to buy

    I am a Panther breeder in Indiana, but my latest batch of little ones aren't ready yet (just over a month old at this point and I won't sell any under 3 months). I do know a good guy in Ohio if you want to message me I would be happy to point you his way.
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    No Escape Feeder Bowls

    I use tall, clear deli cups, maybe 32 oz? Not 100% sure of the volume, but I use strong clips to attach them to a vine just below preferred resting spots so they can look down into the cup and see the feeders. I have had no problems with that. I also have the "Shooting Gallery" feeder setup on...
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    They can definitely be individuals, but even my smaller chams love black soldier flies. I would say that by 5-6 months they should be able to tackle the adult form. As for the stubborn hold-outs, well they are probably a bit fat and lazy with easy food delivered right to them, but if they go a...
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