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    Anyone Interested In Veiled Eggs?

    I am interested, I only have one enclosure though, so one would be all i could take right now, are you selling? or giving away, and will you ship?
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    other reptiles?

    what other reptiles can live in a 24x24x48 screen enclosure? I have 2 of them and i wanted a different reptile
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    Getting a Trioceros jacksonii

    I am getting a Trioceros jacksonii soon, ive done lots of research, but is there anything very important that i need to do, i have a 24x24x48 enclosure, bur i want to know what i should get to put in it.
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    How to breed

    yes, it seems like lots of work to breed them, but i am still interested in it, but im still going to think about it, im going to do lots of research before i get into it though.
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    How to breed

    yes, Thats what ive been doing, I found a breeding pair of veiled chameleons for around 150, im watching youtube videos, and reading lots of forums, im going to learn as much as possible first, im not the type that goes into something this challenging blindly, i care about the health of all of...
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    How to breed

    Im thinking about getting a pair of veiled chameleons for breeding, but ive heard that chameleons do not like to be around each other, how would i breed them safely without them getting too stressed out
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    thanks i think im going with the hydrofarm one
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    do yo u know what kind of fixture i should get for the bulb
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    I have a 24x24x48 enclosure and i was wondering if someone could send me a link to a good linear uvb.
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    do i have to have a drainage lair in a bioactive enclosure? and if you have a bioacive enclosure send me a picture
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    Age of Cham?

    feed it as much as it will eat
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    Age of Cham?

    I would say it is about 2 months
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    New Jackson chameleon owner

    I have an adult male jacksons chameleon, the 18x18x36 should be fine but i have a 24x24x48 just because i want him to feel free to explore and not feel like he is isolated in a tiny area. But for jacksons chameleon the bigger enclosure that you can get. Try to not just feed on one type of...
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    i personally use the bleach method, i just have to be careful to make sure that i get all of the bleach out of the wood before i put it in the enclosure
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