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    New Chameleon - What have we done?!?!?

    I don't know how big of a cage you should get. the day I was told was about the as yours but I have a veil cham. When she is scared or stressed out she will change to a darker color. I use a ceramic heat lamp and it works the same way as the basking lamp but I keep that on all the time. To...
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    Bug Napper?

    What is a bug napper? I've heard people talk about them but I have no idea what they are.
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    Cricket Strikes?

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    Baby Yemen Cham- Advice Needed please

    Well brad answered it all but you might also try letting the crickets roam free to give him the excercise invovled in catching the crickets. I have a veil cham to and notice that he has a really big appetite. So it just depends.
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    Wild Bugs

    They covered most of it but hieka I have only heard of veil chams living to be 7 years. I rather like the 10 years better though because I also have veil. Oh and the animals you listed like the moths and stuff can be eaten.
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    Best feeding method

    Mine is about yours age and i don't have a problem with it eating crikets that are roaming in the cage. What plants did you use in your set up?
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    Cham. not eating in front of me

    My cham deos the same thing. So I sneak into my room where she can't see me and watch.
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    Full grown roaches as feeders?

    I'm not surprised either. If the is really small it might find it intimdating but because of the size of your cham I think it will eat a lot of big bugs.
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    Food dish

    you can make your own feeding cups or buy a new one from a store. Any empty container can be used as long as it is very very very clean.
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    alternative foods

    most bugs will work just find out what they are first. Make sure thier not poisonous.Roaches, meal worms, some plants, moths are some bugs they can eat.
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    Any idea what kind of moth this is?

    sphinx moth? cool. where can I get horn worms so that I can get to hatch into a moth?
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    Uninvited Guests!

    its most likly a milipede. But don't worry they are harmless unlike centipedes. See if your cham likes them. Good luck!
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    My chameleon is just a baby and she eats 6 crickets a day it just depends on the chameleon.
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    Silk Worms

    you can buy silkworms at or Hope this will help!
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    im thinking on using silk worms need info

    They are a good source of nutrition for chams. I haven't tried them yet but I will once my cham gets bigger. You can buy silkworms at Hope this helps!
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