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    Female Ambilobe 1.5 years old Gorgeous

    I have a female ambilobe 1.5 years old for sale. We moved and they have a strict no pet policy. Will sacrifice at $200.00 :( +ship See my pics at Pacific Chameleon in the member gallery. I am in Washington state. Call me up until 11:00 pm. Jeff 360-772-0671
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    Female Ambilobe Proven Breeder

    Beautiful female chameleon located in Vancouver Wa. Will ship. $400.00 plus shipping. Also, I have an absolute ton of accessories for chams and other reptiles. Call Jeff at 360-326-3774
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    Female Panther Proven Breeder

    I'll take some more pictures tomorrow and put them up here on this post.
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    Female Panther Proven Breeder

    I have a beautiful female panther chameleon. Look at my gallery pics to see pictures of her when she was younger. She's now a year and a half old. Laid 46 eggs last time. I have a ton of accessories that I will sell seperately if you want them too. But Just for her I am asking $400.00...
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    15 Month old Female Panther Chameleon

    She layed eggs a few weeks ago and I think she might be gravid again. She looks like she might be ready to breed again soon. She is the chameleon in my gallery pictures. She is much larger now those pictures are from a while ago. I would like to get $600.00 for her, she has magnificant...
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    Manduca Sexta eclosed what sugar water to feed?

    Did you provide them a stick to climb up on to dry their wings out on? They need a something to climb up on near their cocoon otherwise their wings will do that.
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    Photos from panther breeding 9-28-08

    Yes it is. I am very pleased. I can't wait to get my next pair from him. I'm gonna wait for just the right pair and 'snatch' 'em up. lol Thanks again
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    Photos from panther breeding 9-28-08

    Thank you very much. He's only 8 months old approx. I thought we was too young but he kinda took the wheel and did his thing like he was an old pro.
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    Photos from panther breeding 9-28-08

    Here are some photos from todays breeding session. Warning: some images may be too graphic for younger viewers
  10. Mating Panthers 9-28-08

    Mating Panthers 9-28-08

    mating panthers
  11. Mating Panthers 9-28-08

    Mating Panthers 9-28-08

    panthers mating on 9-28-08
  12. Mating Panthers

    Mating Panthers

    mating panthers
  13. Copulation


    copulation panther chams
  14. Mating Panthers

    Mating Panthers

    panther chams mating
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