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    Need help please respond quickly

    Had to give my cham Baytril last year. The Vet had mixed it with chicken flavored broth (I think) to mask the taste and had given me syringes to force feed him. I tried a lot of the ideas listed above - mirror, pulling chin, credit card, water on nose, etc. I think all that stressed me out more...
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    good television?

    As far as British shows go, Luther is good & Sherlock is awesome (beats the hollywood version by miles IMO)
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    midwest chameleon keepers?

    St. Louis park reporting in :) there are actually quite a few cham keepers in the twin cities. They keep popping up now and then on the forum.
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    Couple of Q's bout Jackson's...

    Its usually hard to gauge the exact age of a Chameleon. But going off the pictures, i want to say, yours could be around the 5-7 months old. If you bought your Chams from a breeder vs. Petco/Petsmart, you can always ask them the age. They keep proper records Many great jackson's caresheets on...
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    Jackson's Chameleon Pics!

    This is Thakoor. A little over 1 year old now.
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    Lee's Kricket Keeper replacement tubes

    Will look into that but hoping just to find the pre made ones somewhere. They shouldnt be more than 5-6 bucsk
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    Lee's Kricket Keeper replacement tubes

    I use one of those Lee's Kricket Keepers (large) to house my crickets and it gets the job done. How ever the clear plastic caps on the tubes have all cracked. I can't seem to find replacement tubes anywhere online. does...
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    Anyone in twin cities metro area

    Yeah that's a good option. Give it a shot. But sometimes pet shops won't accept feeders from any source other than their usual supplier because of the fear of new parasites etc. transferring over.
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    Anyone in twin cities metro area

    Ah. My mistake. I misunderstood your post. :eek:
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    Anyone in twin cities metro area

    Check out the Minneapolis Craigslist page (pets section). I think someone in Farmington was trying to sell some Dubia roaches a few weeks ago. Good Luck!
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    Ranger almost bit me.

    Lol! So next time someone talks smack to me on COD, i'll know its a Chameleon
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    Calling all Minnesotans

    I'd recommend Twin Cities Reptiles & Leaping Lizard in Savage. Both places have a lot of supplies for reptiles. Plus the staff is very helpful and have better knowledge then Petco/Petsmart Twin Cities Reptiles specialized in Snakes but couple of their staff have good knowledge on Chameleons &...
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    Camera suggestions? has a really good sale on the Canon EOS SLR camera today. My friend has that camera. Very impressed with it. Good pics and easy to use
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    silkworm info please!

    I made a short blog about how I keep my silkworms. Now i don't breed them so can't tell you much about moth stage. My setup is like like Miss Lily's p.s. if you get silkworms, try to feed them off to your Cham...
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    Glamour Shot

    Lol. Funny you mention that. He starting a shed soon so he has been grumpy to say the least
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