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    Day without food vs. Day of bad food

    If it's just a day without food it shouldn't be too bad.
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    the rudis gang

    This post was made 3 years ago...
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    Even if the Cham doesn't eat the plants himself, the feeders might. There is also the risk of him eating the soil on its own which probably wouldn't be the best if there were a bunch of chemicals and fertilizer in it
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    Omg!! What do i do?

    You might be able to just put lots of hot glue on the sides of it to secure it.
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    too late for taming?

    If you've only had him for 2 weeks you really shouldn't be handling or messing around with him in the first place. Just keep hand feeding and take things slow. Eventually he will get used to you but every Cham is different.
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    Craigslist find!

    from what i see the pvc liner stuff is really expensive and i think i would waste most of it. i think may try a shower curtain liner... the only problem i may see is water getting in by the cork board and where i open the door.
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    Craigslist find!

    would it work if i just used a shower curtain liner and just stapled it right to the frame of the cage about 1-2 inches up and do the same thing with the drain in the middle? and of course i would seal the liner on top with some silicone.
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    Craigslist find!

    So from what im getting is make a "trampoline" of sorts out of the pvc pan liner and bring down the middle by putting the drain through it? Seems pretty easy but i will have to make some modifications because the inside isnt exactly square. The door frame sticks inside the cage about 1'' on each...
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    Craigslist find!

    I don't really have a saw to take out the bottom but that's what I'm pretty much expecting to do unless someone has an even better idea. Forgot to mention his name is Diego (18months), I'm keeping the name his previous family had given him.
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    Craigslist find!

    I was just browsing craigslist the other day and came across this guy! I didnt think i was going to get much more than the cham but boy was i wrong.[/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] Now i was hoping to order a mistking to put in this enclosure but the bottom is just solid wood...
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    All the colors of the rainbow!!

    Who here wants to help me make a plan to steal this cham and make a bunch of babies!!
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    chameleon habitat supplies

    A regular house incandescent bulb is okay for heat as long as your temps are okay. You also need a 5.0 uvb light. I would recommend getting the linear tube type but they also make a compact style.
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    Unless you have a really big cage yuo should probably stick with a 5.0 .. A 10.0 is alot stronger and meant for desert reptiles. You should also change these bulbs every 6 months as they tend to lose their juice. I would say no in. the end.
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