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    Cucul is back

    Finaly after a month of sadnes,my veiled chameleon is back to his normal,vigorous and healthy magnificent colours.Now i can say that i have learn the demands, wishes of the chameleon must be done.
  2. Stretching


    How elastic your chameleon can be?
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    Dubias roaches doubts

    i buy dubia roaches for my veiled but they do not move and i think he can not see them because he is not eating them.what cani do.please help
  4. Cucul's Palace

    Cucul's Palace

  5. The Runaway

    The Runaway

  6. I Know You Can Not See Me. I Think?

    I Know You Can Not See Me. I Think?

  7. Just Comfotable

    Just Comfotable

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