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    My new shirt😂

    I got that shirt a few weeks ago 😂 Highly recommend
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    Mistking supplies question

    That would make sense. Thank you!
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    Mistking supplies question

    I got a Mistking system a couple weeks ago and put it together yesterday. It works great and I haven't had any problems. I was just confused on what the extra materials in the kit were for, especially the white part. I'm not the brightest when it comes to putting things like this together so any...
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    Update on my veiled chameleon

    Looks pretty good! I would add more live plants and maybe mist twice a day for 2-3 minutes in the morning and night.
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    I haven't ordered from Great Lakes Hornworms so I don't know their policy on returns. You could return the bugs and reorder them again closer to when he arrives. I've never fed my chameleon wax worms but I know crickets don't grow super fast. Hornworms grow pretty fast but I think if you keep...
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    Just some pics of my animals

    Your axolotls are so cool!
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    Is This Plant Ok to Use?

    I have a dracaena in my cage if that's what's in yours and it's safe.
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    Watering systems

    It would be much better to go with a misting system. Waterfalls can get a lot of bacteria in them and aren't great for chameleons. I hand mist my chameleon but I'm hoping to upgrade to a MistKing system soon. Hope this helps!
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    Eye roll
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    Newbie mom

    You're welcome! Mine loves his food too.
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