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    6 month old male panther chameleon for sale!

    Sorry pretty firm on his price there are his most recent photos.
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    None receptive female panther chameleon

    My female panther chameleon is a year old and rather small only about 55 grams and laid her first in fertile clutch 3 months ago. I was wondering how long it is going to take for her to be receptive again? There are some recent photos just so you can see her!
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    Looking for ybbb male

    Thank you I will check him out! I want to make sure I get the best one I can. I have 2 females with some amazing ybbb blood lines and it is time to get my hands on a dope male!
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    Looking for ybbb male

    Hello, I am looking for any killer ybbb males anyone has. I am looking for a good future breeder.
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    Panther chameleon locale

    Looks like an ambanja to me. Not 100% sure tho. What ever local it is you got lucky he is amazing!!
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    6 month old male panther chameleon for sale!

    Hello! I have a YBBB male ambilobe panther chameleon he just turned 6 months old. Would make a great future breeder or awesome pet. Doesn’t like to be handled to much but once you get him out he is okay. Asking 500$. His sire is JJ @ chromatic chameleons. Don’t want to get rid of him just don’t...
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