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    Jackson chameleon boy or girl??

    100 % female pregnad over a year atleast.
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    Jackson’s Cham not eating

    she looks pregnad, rounder as my females look like when are early pregnad or have a small clutch on it´s way.
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    Jackson’s Cham not eating

    how often is she eating+ She looks like a red phase jacksonii jacksonii female. That is quite reare. Do keep her alive. No way she is 4 months old. She looks pregnad. ! you need more plants alot more. Get a big ass benjamin ficus and shove it in the cage. lots of branches and leaves. Get...
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    Marijuana and chameleons?

    it´s bring brough up here before. Short answer no. Long answer you are gonna need to search for the threads here that tells why.
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    What should a baby Vield Cham eat?

    cricket, grasshoppers, dubias, walking sticks, flies, waxmoth.
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    Aquarium used as a chameleon cage

    it may work as it still small and yemens are more forgiven but that is not suited for anything else tha pygmies. It´s a big risk of RI and other nasty shit. If you want glass get yourself a proper terrarium like exoterras with full mesh on the top plus front ventilation so the air exchange can...
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    Help needed ASAP

    Yepp. you were right.
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    Help needed ASAP

    Based on the amount of rain it recives, the bodies of water, the type of plants, how far aparts they are, how vast canopies and everything there is in contraist to places where high humidity occurs. Yepp that is true they are vastly difference, the comparation was to point out lusheness doesn´t...
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    Help needed ASAP

    Interesting. I am not totally convinced thou. I will have to ask Necas himself later one. then again it says during the rainy season, if it rains it´s 100 % humidity but that doesn´t have to do with the lushes. temperatures affect this aswell 100 % humidity in hot temperatures iis not the same...
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    Help needed ASAP

    No. I am not certain at all maybe 40-70% certain. I go by yemen doesn´t have the climate for 100% humidity, lushes areas doesn´t mean 100% humidity, the latter is a certain. I´ll ask Necas later on. I have seen his recomendations on putting the humidty at night or raising it at night. the 100 %...
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    Help needed ASAP

    Not at all but lushed areas doesn´t mean it produce 100 humiditys. I have lushes ares here in sweden and it doesn´t get 100 humidity day, night, summer or winter, unless raining. I think what happens here is that 100 % humidity was recomeded for other species which this occur and was...
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    Help needed ASAP

    Yemens don´t come from places with high humidity, even at night. Nor the day.
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    Help needed ASAP

    not with yemens, they don´t do that high humidity.
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    Converting beta carotene...

    Sorry I have gotten confused and not able to grasp this pre and pro. Are we talking beta carrotein or vitamin a when speaking of pre and pro?
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    Jackson, low energy, lack of appetite.

    Chameleon Info: Your Chameleon - The species, sex, and age of your chameleon. How long has it been in your care? Handling - How often do you handle your chameleon? Feeding - What are you feeding your cham? What amount? What is the schedule? How are you gut-loading your feeders? Supplements -...
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