Hello! My name is, Katelyn! I just discovered my love for reptiles in April of 2022. All my life I've been a huge animal lover, but for some reason was always afraid of reptiles? Seeing a piebald chameleon at a big box pet store (I typically try and avoid these) was truly life changing for me. I thought it was the most fascinating creature I had ever seen and NEEDED to know more. I spent weeks doing non-stop research on chams. I KNEW I had to have one for myself. Fast forward to May of 2022 and I became the proud mom to an Ambilobe (YBBB), male, Panther Chameleon named Itzel. We bought him from a reputable breeder that we researched like crazy and interviewed extensively to ensure good husbandry. The name Itzel means "rainbow child"- he truly has been such a rainbow and bright spot in my life. I can't wait to continue to expand my chameleon knowledge. Now I can't imagine my life without a chameleon in it! I dream of one day having a reptile room and being able to also own an Ambanja, Vieled, and a Jackson chameleon. I am also the proud mama to a chiweenie rescue named, Mika, and a leopard gecko named, Samina!
July 30
Favorite Species
Panther- Ambilobes & Ambanjas
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