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    New enclosure (I know glass is frowned upon)

    Glass is how the UK keepers do it. Your environment dictates what you do. I have all screened cages. all of them are covered on 3 sides to boost humidity. Glass would look better than what i have now. Glass looks so clean.
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    What local?

    Looks Nosy be to me. i keep nosy be and nosy faly. I do not think it is an ambanja. Nice looking chameleon.
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    New lovebird!

    Im a bird guy and they are really fun. Congratulations. They can be very sweet little birds.
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    Baby Monitor

    Get an Ackie monitor. They only get to about 28 inches. They are clever and very active. A friend has one and its on my list now. I used to have a black throat female and she was sweet as a puppy. They need a house!! She would come when called. She knew she would get food. Love them monitors!
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    Lugarti Calcium

    I use several Lugarti products. I have been using the same stuff for about 8 months. My females havent laid any eggs yet so i cant speak to that. i can say thet all appear quite healthy and very active. I also use their light ballasts with reflectors. No issues at all. I have spent a lot of time...
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    Where is my food?

    Feed me Seymour!! One of my nosy faly is like that. If i open his enclosure he runs up my arm. He will hunt from my fist too! That is a cool pic Salty.
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    Time for an upgrade...

    Spent a little time in the brewery in Chico. Mm You know what goes great with that, a bit of lime disease.
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    Get the bug a'salt rifle. It shoots salt and you could put on some camo. Then hunt them like Arnold does the Predator!
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    Anyone else at the cow palace reptile expo?

    Hey alright! What type of chameleon?
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    Anyone else at the cow palace reptile expo?

    i will be tomorrow. i want an ackie monitor. i had a black throat 20 years ago. she was a sweetheart.
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    What kind of beetle is this?

    Kiki Meow thought so!!
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    What kind of beetle is this?

    Looks like it. Its a big beetle for sure.
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    What kind of beetle is this?

    Friends cat was playing with this! Ive never seen one like this here in California. Thought i would share. Spined Wood-borer i think.
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    Lets see them!

    a pic of one of my nosy faly. I call him Burt Reynolds. The cham on my hand is Thomas and he is a Nosy Be. A lil grumpy when it come to picture time but not a bad guy.
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    Chameleon parasites exist in u.s. or is it science fiction??? this one is my favorite.
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