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    recommendations on light timers?

    I have one from's green and I think it's made by zoomed. It works great. I like it because it has a side for the timer, but it also has outlets that aren't on the timer. It's convenient for if you don't have a lot of outlet space. I think I paid $20 for it and it has 8 outlets on...
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    I know it is not uncommon for the babies to hang upside down under the light, however you do run the risk for burns. I would try to hang the light up off the cage.
  3. Can't Believe This Boy's Colors :)

    Can't Believe This Boy's Colors :)

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    cham acting weird

    That's kinda strange that he let himself fall...My panther will hold on with his back feet and go to grab a branch or something, but can't actually reach which results in him swinging upside down, but he's never fallen. His tail always catches his fall.
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    New panther unhappy and not settling in

    My panther was already a year old when we got him. He was super friendly at the house we picked him up from. He was bright and colorful and was climbing all over us. When we got him home and put him in his new cage, he seemed to be ok...He wouldn't touch food for a few days and seemed to want to...
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    Tail discoloration

    It's hard to tell from the pic...if it just turned this lighter color, he may be getting ready to shed.
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    Panther chameleon suddenly eating less and not sure why?

    My panther did the same thing about a month ago...he refused to eat and anytime we walked up to the cage to feed him, he would climb onto our hand. He would wait for us to come in the room and immediately start climbing the screen trying to get out. I started to worry about him. I made sure he...
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    very close call- check your outdoor cages daily!

    So glad you found him :) My panther is the same way. He loves climbing on our arms, or even head. Anytime we go up to the cage, he sits and waits for us to open it so he can climb onto us.
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    UVB hood?

    I got the hood from Petsmart. I had a $5 coupon, so I was happy about that, and we got the bulb from a reptile show for a lot cheaper than the store.
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    How early is too early for an adult cage?

    The biggest thing about moving a cham to a bigger cage is ensuring they can catch their food...I don't have a female, so I'm not sure about the laying bin. And as far as housing them together, I wouldn't. Sometimes they will gang up on one another and the weaker one will end up dying.
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    Cold Water

    That's panther is like a cat when the mister goes off. He runs for the driest part of his cage, but he LOVES warm showers :)
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    Cleaning your enclosure!

    I'm in a townhouse and my cham is in our room on the 2nd floor...It's a pain in the butt to move our 2x2x4 foot cage up and down the stairs, but that's why the cage only gets a thorough cleaning about once a month. I would keep him downstairs but my roomate seems to think staying up all night is...
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    Cleaning your enclosure!

    Nope, it usually dries quickly. It typically doesn't take more than an hour from start to getting it set back up in the house.
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    My baby panther setup! Seeking answers/tips/advice

    In my opinion, I would get rid of the waterfall, substrate, and night light...Chams need complete darkness to sleep. The light can keep him up which will result in him sleeping during the day and can lead to illness.
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    Cleaning your enclosure!

    I forgot to mention that I don't use any cleaning products on his cage...I just spray it with water and let it dry in the sun.
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