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    Is my chamelian doing ok?

    His heat light went out yesterday and I didn't have time to buy him a new one, but sense yesterday he hasn't eaten, and he is hiding in the corner of his cage And I noticed his casqe seems very slightly curved! :( I just hope my poor guy dosnt have mbd or something. Here's a few pictures of...
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    Why dosnt my cham do the leaf dance anymore?

    Hey ove had my cham for about 2 and a half months and hes about 3.5 or 4 months old I'm pretty sure but he used to do the leaf dance where he moves back and forth and it was cool, and I heard it was natural! He stopped doing it all together so it sucks not to see him do it but I was wondering if...
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    Is my chamelian doing ok based on these pictures?

    Just checking to see if my little guy is healthy because I got him about a week and a half ago and he seems to look a little ashy and cracked
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    Chameleon is consistently ashy/brown

    hi I'm wondering if my cham is about to shed or weather he's like dehydrated or something but why is his skin looking cracky and he's a Lil ashy? If u can reply I would very much appreciate it!
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