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    Suck Eye Shed?

    Do you have any pictures? Some times it’s best to let them work it out?
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    portland reptile store

    House of reptiles or tropic hut. If your shopping for a Panther PM me I'm located in Portland.
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    Clyde update

    Clyde is 14 month now Had to share
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    My Tamataves

    congrats. I have my last clutch from that pairing hatching now
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    Available Panther Babies

    3 month Ambilobes by Nacho males 225 females 175 3 month Ambilobes By Jonneyboy males 265 females 195 4 month Nosybe's by Mortimer males 250 Females 195 3 month Ambilobes by FranklinJr males 250 females 195 We use cool packs and insulated boxes in the summer. Im very experienced...
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    3 month Ambilobes 225,00

    Sire is Nacho dams sire is FranklinJr males are 225 females are 175. shipping is 25-55. Feel free to call/text me at 503-704-9406 with any questions. i use cool packs and insulated shipping boxes during the summer months. i have many others available thanks curt
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    Riki The "Green Barred" Ambilobe!

    Those are Juvenal-colors...He will have much different colors when he matures.
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    Chameleon Interest?

    Keep in mind its a very long process.About 11-13 months from conception to re-homing. It requires dedication on a much higher level.And the cost of raising babies can be quite stressful on the wallet.
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    calling all white panthers!

    Hellboy, my Tamatave
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    My Tamataves

    They look great! I cant wait to see how your male turns out. There only a couple of his clutch mates left here. There coloring up at the about the same rate..Pictures just dont do them justice
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    Blackfriday FREE SHIPPING

    Hey guys we have a 4 3month FranklinJr Ambilobe males on our website listed with FREE shipping. Till monday or until there gone !!We also listed a subadult male sired by Nacho.We are very flexible,and excellent at cold weather shipping.. Go to www.EpicChameleons to purchase one of our specials
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    Baby Nosy Mitsios

    Very nice!
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    albino or 100% translucent chameleon

    I have a super to super clutch incubating. There 7 months along and i have a few that have recently failed. Maybe one day that full trans will show up? As for these I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
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    looking for a couple new breeders

    im looking for a adult RBBB ambilobe male or another Ambanja adult male.Im looking for boys that are eager to breed! Feel free to shoot me pictures and your asking price to [email protected]
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