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    Do chams get growing pains??

    No no, I was kinda just curious lmao
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    Do chams get growing pains??

    Do chams get growing pains?
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    Sleep spot

    Out for the night🤣
  4. On top of the world

    On top of the world

    Dart chillin, looking off the balcony
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    Shooting gallery

    This is great😁
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    Shooting gallery

    Dart loves eating out of her shooting gallery, this thing helps so much with feeding and stress lol
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    New set up

    got to remodel darts cage! We got the mist king all set up, put up a plexiglass side to keep humidity as well as a fogger for night time, drainage system put together to catch all the water, hopefully this the last time I have to put it together in a days time Caz it’s so stressful lol! Any...
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    Giving mediation

    Today I put the drop of medication on her feeder and she ate it, idk if that’s the most significant way but it’s a lot less stressful lol but if I was to inject the meds in the feeder how would I even do that
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    So it’s the 4th day of trying to give my Cham meds and it’s not getting easier any tips? I get her still enough but she WILL NOT OPEN HER MOUTH, and I don’t wanna push the syringe too hard on her lips
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    Giving mediation

    I have to give my baby Cham medication thru her mouth will this make her hate me😂
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    New chameleon

    What are sponsors??
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    Thank you!!
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    Thank you!!
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    so I’ve purchased a mist king misting system and was wondering is it okay to run the tubing from the bottom of my cabinet that holds the cage all the way to the top of the enclosure? Will there be constant air bubbles in the lines or will it keep water in the lines between misting?
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    Membrane on poop okay?

    So I’ve noticed this morning my chams pop looked different, today it has a membrane/ jell look too it, is that okay?
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