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    Animal Ban in US vote yes to save our hobby and our pets! you can vote yes multiple times.
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    LTC male Ambilobe

    LTC male Ambilobe he was a juvie when imported. So he is maybe about 16 months old. I got him in a trade. So he would be new blood for somebody, Sorry for the bad pic. He has been in my care for about 4 months doing great, eats everything. I got another male that I want to breed to so need to...
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    ambilobe female

    breeding age ambilobe female wanted email [email protected] will trade for also, have lots to trade just ask, ball pythons, dart frogs, and chameleons
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    WIRE Sept 11th 10-3 Maidson, WI

    WIRE Sept 11th 2011 10:00-3:00pm Madison, WI Wisconsin Reptile Expo (W.I.R.E) I will be vending, Have lots of Dart Frogs froglets and pairs and single adults. 2011 Ball Pythons female morphs. Veiled chameleons$80each (2.4). Tank setups $40 (10gal with falsebottom,glass lid...
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    2.4 Juvie Veileds $155 shipped each

    2.4 Juvie Veileds $155 shipped each or add $80 for each additional. they are 8 months old. Shipping SYR to fedex location. for fast contact email me at [email protected]
  6. veiled chameleons

    veiled chameleons

  7. veiled chameleons

    veiled chameleons

  8. veiled chameleons

    veiled chameleons

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    Ball Pythons for trade.

    Trade 1.4 Pied/100%het pied all about 850g-1000g. for panthers. More than $2800 in value.
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    Misting and lamps.

    lamp stand here are some ideas. get a dowel or PVC pipe and ziptie it to your frame standing up and clamp the light to it. With the help of your tech ed teacher get a 1"x10"x12"long and a dowel or broom stick handle. drill a hole big enough for the rod in the 1"x10" all the way on one...
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    WTT - Dartfrogs for Chameleons

    Hi, I have some CB dart frogs that I would like to trade for chameleons. Looking for panthers, veileds, pygmy, carpet, jackson subadult or adults. Have a proven pair of CB Dendrobates tinctorious "powder blue" or D. leucomelas trio. Thanks, Gabe
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    help on bredding Chamaeleo melleri

    Do you have a pair? Any updates?
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    bearded pygmy cham. gravid? please help

    Do you have pics of the tank you keep them in?
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    Baby update

    Any more updates?
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    baby bearded pygmy care

    Any updates?
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