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    newborn Williamsi Gecko's

    OK, that is tiny............well, and cute as hell!!! :D
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    My new 4 x4

    Laurie he is beautiful!!! Awesome shots by the way, your photography is starting to ROCK!!! Way to go girl!! :D
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    dogs playing with lizards

    Very nice Laurie!! It is nice to put faces on the barks I always hear!!! LOL
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    Crested Gecko digginig!

    Oh crap Juli!!! LOL now ur gonna have sticky toes EVERYWHERE!!!! Yay!:D
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    New quad pair arrived

    AWwwwww! They are too cute!! :) If we put urs and mine together we have a 4x. Does that count?? :p
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    Medium Silkworm pods

    I also have medium silkworm pods available. 30-40 worms per pod. $5 plus shipping. PM me for a quote. Thanks.
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    Extra small and small silkworm pods

    I have extra small and small silkworm pods available. extra small are up to 0.5" and have about 50 per pod small are 0.5-1.0" and have about 40 per pod pods are $5 plus shipping, pm me for a shipping quote... Thanks!
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    Should I just leave?

    Hehe!! Come on Dan, join us on the darkside!!! :D Seriously, IMHO, you are an asset. Unfortunately, your decision will have to made on whether or not you feel that you are one. It may come down to deciding if you are enjoying yourself when you are here.....
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    A little eye candy

    Thanks guys!! Tate has grown into quite the young man! lol! I can't wait to see how J.P. grows as well!! Haha Harry!!! lol :p
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    Haha!!! Love GIMP!! PITA layering though!!! lol
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    A little eye candy

    Hehe!! If you notice that is why they are in a cham cage and full of bugs!!! lol :D
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    Very nice Kara!!! :D
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    A little eye candy

    A few pics of my two panther boys!! :D Jean-Pierre Tate
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    Mom I'm big!!! not so tiny tavetanum

    Awwww!! She is so darn cute!!!! Oh, and VERY big!! lol
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    Meet Chloe and Lola my new cresties

    Aawwwww!!! They are adorable!!! I just love babies!!! lol
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