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    My new wc melleri not eating or drinking

    Are both eyes closed? And if I were you I'd pm the photo princess she is great at bringing unhealthy melleri back to good shape. The melleri I just got is having a lil trouble but getting through it she has greatly improved from the time I got her. And when I first got her I ordered hornworms...
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    Bulb that stimulates breeding

    No but this would be nice for the harder to breed species if it actually works
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    more eggs!!! this time melleri!!!

    I guess 49
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    How many babay scan a female jacksons give birth to?

    I've had over 30 would have been 42 but 3 were still borns
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    Official Enclosure Picture Thread #2 - post your pics!

    If I uploaded right this is my new cage
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    My yellow bodied ambanja boy

    he looks amazing :eek:
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    Any Flagstaff AZ keepers out here?

    it gets prity cold inside too! any tips on keeping temps up at night time i figured a heat ceramic of some sort would do the trick and a heat humidifier cause its so darn dry here.
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    Any Flagstaff AZ keepers out here?

    i have recently moved from sothern cal and re homed all my chameleons and wanted to get back into chameleon raising and was wondering how everyone keeps up with freezing tempatures? and if there are any good reptile shops if any? thank you
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    Would you eat a chameleon?

    :Dhell ya soundsike a good side dish for my baccon i make after catching some of them wild boars.
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    Making it big at ucla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sweet. :cool:
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    large out door cages and large trees

    100 $ tree and cage have other trees and cages willing to make good deals. :D
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    A bunch of recent photos of some of our gang

    amazing they r all so amazing
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    large out door cages and large trees

    price reduce 200 for set up
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    large out door cages and large trees

    this is a large 9 foot tall by 4-4 foot deep and wide cage with a large ficus tree in it. im in los angles ca right near lax airport. i have more cages and will post them as well . i am asking 300 for this one with tree and feeding dishes inside it. you can call me or pm me for more info. my #...
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