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    Tamura design

    $1500? 😬
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    Overheating or something else?

    What’s in the cup?🧐
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    Overheating or something else?

    Nice enclosure. I think it needs more branches. Those polka dots are hanging on by a thread. Lol mine never made it either. Your leca ball layer is uneven and it’s hurting my eyes. 😂 I had to have my muffin top be an exhaust fan. Having it blow in would drop the humidity too much. But my...
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    August 2022 Photo Contest

    So are you saying votes to my pic didn’t count because my background wasn’t suitable?
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    August 2022 Photo Contest

    What yellow background?
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    August 2022 Photo Contest

    Sorry for being a sore loser… just mindblown about having the most views by 50…and only 3 votes.😂
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    Foggers and room temperature question

    As soon as the lights go out my mister goes off for 1.5 minutes. Meanwhile my fogger goes on for 30 minutes. I also set my room ac to 70, and shut my room fan off. This keeps my enclosure 69-70 degrees and the humidity 75-95%….. Until the mist/fog cycle starts in the am. Fog for 30 minutes and...
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    How do you guys gutload?

    Dubias love carrots and dandelion greens. They really love repashy bug burger and the superload. I usually make a salad with all that on a Styrofoam plate the day before feeding. I also sprinkle a mixture of cricket crack and highlighter gutload on top. So usually every 2-4 days. They will eat...
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    August 2022 Photo Contest

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    Panther not pooping

    For the reflection of the glass I put that car window cling that blocks out the sun along my front doors where he walks a majority of the time. After that he wasnt as timid. I’ve feed locust a couple times and have noticed they slow down the bowel movement of my chameleon. I’ve also learned...
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    Comment by 'EmilioTheAnkify' in media '“Emilioooo”'

    Right!🙌🏼 Can’t wait to see them after his next shed. He’s over due.
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