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    I'd like to keep this thread open as long as the debate stays objective, reasonable, and relevant. Let's play nice, peeps. :)
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    How to free range with other pets?

    Dogs can be trained to not bug chameleons. And, your chameleon will probably smart enough to stay at high elevation. I find my dogs has no interest whatsoever in chameleon. Cats, on the other hand, are liability. They are the only one in the animal kingdom that will kill just for fun. So, my...
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    Cranky during shed?

    it's normal. I would imagine from their behaviors that the whole shedding process is quite uncomfortable.
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    need help choosing a chameleon at an expo

    Hope this helps answer most of your questions. as far as the more specific ones: Besides characteristics like bones sticking out and scaled missing...
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    My Cham loves Brocolli. Is this ok for him?

    It contains high oxalate that block your chameleon's calcium absorption rate. So, if i were you, i would not load my chameleon with broccoli. As far as your other questiom goes, i would recommend kale, collard green, and dandelion. Avoid spinach as it has the same problem with broccoli.
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    Buy a chameleon now or at NARBC?

    Just wait and buy your cham at the show. In the meantime, you can setup the cage first. So, when you go home from the show, your chameleon already has a perfect enclosure.
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    Fiscus benjamina - Good for the Chameleon??

    If you are wary about the possibility, just make sure to let the sap dries overnight anytime you feel the need to prune your ficus. Other than that, I see nothing wrong with ficus benjamina. Other tree that might catch your interest is Ficus Alii.
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    Well Today Sucked.

    Learned from your chameleons, Stefan.. Do the leaf dance to impress her the next time you meet her... wait... :confused: on second thought.. maybe you shouldn't :D:D:D:p:p On a serious note, cheer up, kiddo. In the future, there will be lots of girls you will deem as "the one" at that...
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    Watching Tangled :)

    You got that right! For a fact, I know that they DO know about it.. after all, one of the visdev artist brought his ambilobe chameleon as reference. But, the production designer don't care. :D
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    January 25th (Tues) South Bay Chameleon Keepers Meeting

    WHY ARE YOU YELLING??? :p:p:p:) I miss seeing you guys.. I finally have some time to go tomorrow.. Anyone has spare chitinous insect I can buy tomorrow -except dubia :D? I need some varied feeders bad.. Tylene... please don't bring samoas to the meeting. I am on diet :D
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    Do Chameleons have the ability to show affection to their owners?

    Who disturbs my slumber?!... :D:D
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    Do Chameleons have the ability to show affection to their owners?

    I see nothing wrong in applying some sense of human notion to our pet, as long as deep down you understand that it is more for your own benefit than the animal. It's much more "interesting" and "rewarding" knowing that your chameleon recognized you as his owner rather than a moving tree or an...
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    boredom? or something else? :(

    As the owner of this chameleon is located in a country with tropical climates, we have to somewhat "adjust" our advice. Most of our understanding in general husbandry is not even relevant to be practiced there. I.e: The humidity in Indonesia alone is enough for chameleons to survive without...
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    So much for cup feeding..

    I say use that cup to be a poop box. Much easier to clean :) Here is a tips for making a cup that might work better in your case:
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