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    The glow
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    US Furcifer minor males

    $200 each +shipping. I produced these males they are a year old and healthy. Make great pets or good for a breeding project Text 3303616160 if interested Thanks
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    US [SOLD] 6 month Ambanja panther chameleons

    I still have a few ambanjas to make available. I'm going on vacation July 3rd and would like to move some before I leave. They are about 6 months old. I've dropped the prices for the week to try and move some so don't miss out on these guys. if you're interested feel free to text me @ 3303616160...
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    US Furcifer minor

    I have very few furcifer minor males I have to make available. Unfortunately I don't have any females at this time but I can help point you in the right direction if interested. I started hatching these guys last July so they are about 10-11 months old and starting to get adult coloration. I'll...
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    Facebook Groups Make Me ANGRY!!!

    I've used both platforms for years. Cf is great because if you dig deep here there is a wealth of information that dates back years and years. There also tends to be less drama here. On the downside forums are nearly extinct and at times a pain to navigate. If you want quick information or help...
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    US Ambanja panther chameleons for sale

    I have very few ambanjas to make available. They come from high yellow lines and I'm hoping to see that in the offspring and so far it's very promising. Some of the boys pictured are currently spoken for. They are about 4-5 months old. if you're interested feel free to text me @ 3303616160...
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    Comment by 'distortionz' in media 'Kinyongia boehmei Mating'

    Such an amazing species and beautiful picture. Hope to work with them someday
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    Club Ambanja

    Scott to be honest he's turning out a lot more like fingertrap than the rest. Most of the others I've seen took the blue colors. I have 1 that shows the yellows like your boy. This is my keeper from that clutch
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    Highlighter chameleons

    I've sold Don quite a few animals. He has an incredible collection and should have some amazing offspring available soon
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    Reds looking good on you Smurf!

    Woah he's looking great!
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    Furcifer minor update

    I posted that they hatched and it's been a month now figured I'd drop off some updated pics.
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    Furcifer Minor hatching

    Just an update. All 16 from the clutch have hatched.. unfortunately I'm on vacation until the 8th but I've been told all are eating well and doing good
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    Furcifer Minor hatching

    Yes this is my first go at them. There's 16 eggs in the clutch. One hatched, 5 pipped, and the rest sweating.
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    Furcifer Minor hatching

    I don't come here as often anymore but figured I'd give an update. Came home today checked the incubator and found this little one.
  15. Minor shining

    Minor shining

    Furcifer minor
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